It's almost a rule that once September hits, our lives turn toward pumpkin spice. The drinks, the food, the candles, even the candy. We're absolutely obsessed. The first drink of my pumpkin spice latte seems to envelop me like an old blanket making me feel all cozy and protected from the world. According to science, I'm not the only one who thinks that way -  you do, too. 


This is all according to science so I feel good about passing it along.


Americans aren't consuming pumpkins (the actual vegetable), we're looking for the manufactured sweetness to get us through the fall season. The smell of it is what we're after - not even the taste. Why do we consume it? Because it smells so dang good!


Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (oooh, fancy) took a peek at the pumpkin spice we all obsess over and noted that cinnamon is one of those scents even aging noses can detect. That means we ALL are into it. Young and old.


As fall approaches and the weather gets cooler, we become nostalgic. The smell of pumpkin can take us back to our school days, remind us of cozying up on chilly nights and anticipating Christmas. Cinnamon's ability to act as an aphrodisiac can literally alter our mood. Pair it with memories and we're hooked.


That's EXACTLY how the smell of pumpkin spice makes me feel. Is it the same for you?