Once the lattes hit, the pumpkin spice floodgates will be open and there will be no holding back the pumpkin spice almonds, chips, and beard oil.  Some of these seasonal products we may love more than others.

In September and October, we won't be able to walk through a store without passing something orange.  And some of us might think those two months are the greatest time of the year to be alive!  Seeing orange and smelling hints of pumpkin and cinnamon everywhere we go makes us feel warm and cozy and loved, and like all is right with the world.  By November we will have eaten ourselves sick with pumpkin spice whipped cream, but we're going to hit pumpkin season hard until we just can't go anymore.

Some pumpkin spice products might take a little getting used to.  Like Pumpkin Spice Beard Oil.  Do guys like pumpkin spice?  It seems that they complain about seasonal scents the most, but there must be some pumpkin-spice-loving guys that want to smell it all day long and will oil up their beards with it.  Or perhaps this beard oil is to keep women happy.  Therefore, it might make for a really romantic evening with some pumpkin spice popcorn and a pumpkin ale, with pumpkin spice candlelight nearby.

WideOpenEats says that says Peeps and Twinkies will be back, along with pumpkin Pringles and pumpkin hummus.  Snacks might be the biggest category that will explode with pumpkin flavors, next to lattes of course.

Courtney Solstad



My friend Courtney is a pumpkin lover to the max, and last fall I asked her for her favorites.  She said the Pumpkin Spice offering from the Peanut Butter Company was among the best of the best.  Whether you spread it on toast, dip in some pretzels, or eat it with a spoon right out of the jar, you will feel loved.



Courtney Solstad

She also told me that Skinny Syrups Pumpkin Spice flavoring is somethin' special.  A couple of pumps and it will make your homebrew taste like the fancy coffee shops, and it's zero calories and zero sugar so you have more room for a pumpkin spice twinkie later on.





Love it or hate it, pumpkin spice season is almost here, and we might be wise to set a family allowance now so we don't go overboard on the pumpkin caramel corn.  Now, what about pumpkin pie.  Too weird?