We're sitting here just counting down the days until the official Pumpkin Spice Latte returns to Starbucks here in the Treasure Valley.  Until then, Starbucks has offered their "leaf rakers" a cool alternative in 2019. 

BTW, "Leaf Rakers Society" is Starbucks' secret Facbeook group for people who are legitimately obsessed with everything fall, pumpkin spice and the cool crisps mornings that will be here before we know it. Yes, I'm a member. Does that surprise you? Probably not! It probably won't surprise you that its where I found out that for the first time ever, Starbucks is helping people bring the taste of PSL to coffee in their own kitchen by releasing a Pumpkin Spice Latte creamer!

I've been looking for it everywhere for the past two weeks. Can't find it at Albertsons. Can't find it at Winco.  And then I stumbled on TotallyTheBomb.com where one contributor has made it their mission to track down every store in the country selling it.  The article is brand new and the list for Idaho is tiny right now, but they promise to update it as we get closer to fall. The only store it lists for Idaho is Target in Nampa.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the fridge in the break room and saw a bottle of it sitting there on Monday! It was labeled with our HR manager's name, so I had to ask him where he found it (assuming it was the Target in Nampa.)

Wrong! He gave us a spot to add to the list.  This specific bottle was found in a refrigerated end cap at Fred Meyer on Five Mile. Fred Meyer seems like a logical place to find it considering many other states on the list have Kroger sores listed as hot spots for the creamer.  Kroger and Fred Meyer are owned by the same company.

If you want to bookmark the list so you can go back and check it as it grows, you can find it HERE! And by all means, if you've found it somewhere, shoot us a message and let us know where through our app! 

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