Winner, winner chicken dinner is a phrase used when a player wins big in Black Jack. It is also the name of an Idaho lottery scratch off game. The top prize? $300,000!

It's fun to dream big and imagine what you would do with a big lottery win. I wonder what former Boise State University football player and retired Capital High School athletic director Steve Sosnowski dreamed of when bought the ticket.

Either way the dreaming didn't last too long because it turned into a quick reality. Steve told KTVB 7 that his horoscope just a few days before he bought the ticket said that he was going to come into life changing money. I swear I have had my horoscope or fortune cookie say that before too, but for me it has yet to happen. Steve on the other hand, it came true.

Former BSU player Steve bought the ticket at Fred Meyer in Garden City on Friday. He scratched the ticket almost right away and quickly realized he'd won the top prize. He wasted no time going to the Lottery offices in Boise to collect. While at the Lottery office, he got another surprise. One of his former BSU teammates, Larry Polowski, is now the Idaho Lottery Sales Director and was there to present him with his winning check. How's that for fate.

Former BSU player, Idaho lottery winner, Photo from Idaho Lottery
Former BSU player, Idaho lottery winner, Photo from Idaho Lottery

So what is he using the massive $300,000 winnings for? Well his retirement of course, and it just got a whole lot sweeter.

According to Lottery officials, there is still one more top prize in the state for the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner scratch game. Good luck :)

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