With Halloween creeping up on all of us in the Treasure Valley, you may be looking around your house, thinking that the only scary is the pile of dishes piling up in the sink. The only cobwebs you see are from your lack of cleaning, and the only demons you see are your kids' friends. You want to decorate your home to celebrate the season, but you're running out of time. If you're going to decorate, you want to do it right, but can you with almost a week left on the calendar?

Because you live in the Treasure Valley, you're in luck! According to Yelp, there are several places for your Halloween decoration needs. Some of them have great items late into the season. Here are the top places to get Halloween decorations, according to Yelp.

#1 - Treasure Valley Flea Market
5610 Glenwood Street
Reviews often reference a great selection of vintage Halloween decor. You might even be able to find that Wookie costume that you always wanted when you were a kid.

#2 - Spirit Halloween Superstore
1250 North Eagle Road
I know that there are several different locations. Still, this location of the Halloween Superstore is the highest rated in the Boise area. Reviews say that even late into the month, they had a decent selection of items last year, which appears to be the case again this year.


#3 - The Reveal
7665 West Mossy Cup Street
A well thought out review said that they found some of the same items on Amazon but would instead support a local business.

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