This Halloween movie is so bad that it's making audiences all over the country scream, pass out and even vomit. The reaction to Terrifier 2 has been so universally abhorrent that theaters even gave out vomit bags at some locations.

The movie isn't going to overwhelm you with things like plot. It's basic: a bad guy dressed as a clown chases and kills his victims for about an hour and a half. Eventually, the bad guy in the clown costume is stopped without a definite ending, so a sequel can come out next year. The movie also isn't going to overwhelm you with star power. The biggest name in the film is a cameo from professional wrestler Chris Jericho. Terrifier 2 won't be your movie if you're looking for special effects. The total cost to make this movie was $250,000, including cast, production, sets, marketing, and everything else needed. To compare, Halloween Ends cost over 30 million dollars to make.

Why is anyone talking about a movie without a unique plot, special effects, or stars?

Because it's said to be so gory that audiences are passing out and vomiting in theaters showing it.  


Is Terrifier 2 playing at any Boise-area theaters?

We have good news if you are a Treasure Valley slasher movie fanatic. Terrifier 2 is coming to the Cinemark Majestic Cinemas in Meridian on Friday. Currently, the movie is scheduled to run for a week. There are two showtimes a day for the weekend and then once daily through Thursday.

What should you know before seeing Terrifier 2 in Boise?

First, this ultra-violent horror movie isn't for kids. Secondly, we asked, and the theater won't be handing out barf bags, so come prepared or ask for a small popcorn bag at concessions. Finally, if you don't like the movie, decide that this one isn't for you, or you pass out or vomit, the Cinemark Majestic told us that they would refund your ticket as long as you ask before the movie ends.

Don't worry if you haven't seen the original Terrifier movie.  This isn't a hard-to-understand, complex storyline.

Maybe bring a change of clothes, or wear a pair of Depends to be safe. Either way, remember it's just a movie.  See the trailer below, but be warned, it is graphic and unsettling.

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