Sure, there were about 1000 events happening in Downtown Boise last weekend, but something just didn't feel quite right.

Any idea what it was? The fact that the highs were in the 60s and Father's Day was kind of soggy.  I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time that we weren't out at the pool or by the water on a June weekend! The good news is things start to heat back up just in time for the Pre-BMF Pool Party (high of 85) on Thursday and Boise Music Festival (high of 81) on Saturday. Monday? Well, Monday we get close to 100!

You've got the pool, the ponds and the splash pads to cool down at while we're on Boise River Watch. Now Dairy Queen is giving you another fun way to beat the heat! Just like we want you to download the new LITE-FM mobile app, Dairy Queen wants you to download their app so they're offering you a FREE small Blizzard when you download and register with them! You've got a week from when you download the app to choose what type of Blizzard you want (the folks at the Dairy Queen on Apple near my apartment don't even have to ask me what I want anymore...they just immediately know that when I show up, I want a Mint Oreo Blizzard STAT!)

While we patiently wait for the river to drop from 2100 cfs to a safe for floaters flow of 1500 cfs, you might as well beat the heat with this sweet treat!

We've got the links to download Dairy Queen's app right here: iOS | Android

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