How much do you normally spend on your morning coffee? Today, that money could make a huge difference for a neighbor in need!

Chances are you probably have a morning routine similar to mine.  Wake up. Debate whether or not it's a "hair washing day."  Put on enough make-up to look human. Stop at Dutch Bros, Black Rock or Starbucks for your favorite winter drink.  Stumble into the office.

How much do you normally spend on that coffee in the morning? A Venti Peppermint Mocha at the Starbucks behind my apartment costs me $5.57.  Spending that money doesn't seem like a big deal because it means I can avoid the super gross "house coffee" in our break room.

But I want you to think about this: what if every single person listening to LITE-FM in the morning suffered through the break room coffee for just one day and instead of handing our $5 to the barista, we handed it to one of our LITE-FM Christmas Wish Elves at Pioneer Federal Credit Union? Their tellers are collecting donations across the Treasure Valley to help our neighbors in need! We could probably raise a few thousand dollars if we all took the "LITE-FM Coffee Challenge" and dropped off our coffee money at a PFCU, right?

So that's your challenge today! Instead of going to the coffee shop today, find the closest PFCU branch to you by clicking HERE and donate your coffee money to Christmas Wish!

2017 Wishes

Your generosity makes wishes like the ones below possible! Check out the cheer you'd be spreading by swigging down break room coffee instead of your normal drink today.

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