It took 48 hours for Mark Johnson to make it to late night television, but it finally happened on Thursday night! 

I can't even pretend like I wasn't waiting for this to happen! Doing mornings, I normally crash out long before Fallon, Kimmel or Colbert's newest show hits the airwaves, but I had this sneaking suspicion that the now infamous, out of context Mark Johnson tweet would end up on one of their shows. So, Wednesday afternoon, I called my mom and asked for her help. She lives in Ohio where late night TV starts an hour before it does in Boise. "Can you watch Fallon and tell me if this news anchor from Boise ends up on it?"

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Well, none of the late night hosts picked up on the story Wednesday night, but by Thursday? Stephen Colbert called the Mark Johnson tweet "the biggest headline on Earth" before monologuing about it for three full minutes. It has us on the floor laughing all over again.  We THINK we understand the internet enough that when you push play the video should start at that point in Colbert's monologue, but if it doesn't scroll to the 10:30 mark.

So now that Mark Johnson has gone viral all over the country, what does he want to do next? He shared his plans on Twitter and we'd love to know how many e-mails Mun Y. Choi, president of the University of Missouri, has gotten in the last 24 hours.

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