The school year is winding down. The temperatures are slowly starting to warm up. Where are you going to take the kids to cool down when the thermometer hits 90º?

YouTube/Rosie's Family Travel and Adventure Channel
YouTube/Rosie's Family Travel and Adventure Channel

There's a very good chance of experiencing our first 90º day of the year before the end of May. That's definitely before Boise River float season begins. Trying to predict the EXACT start date for float season is an imperfect science. It depends on more than just air temperature. Other factors include how fast the river is flowing and if the Boise Fire Department has swept the river for downed trees and other snags beneath the water. Over the past six summers, it's started as early as June 15 (2021) and as late as July 2 (2019.)

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The public pools are certainly an option. Boise's open on May 27. Nampa's open on May 28. You'll have to wait a little longer in Meridian. The Meridian Public Pool is scheduled to open on Monday, June 6. can search out one of the many splash pads scattered throughout the Treasure Valley. Most of them are turned on Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Schedules are always subject to change based on weather and other factors, but this is a pretty comprehensive guide to all of the FREE splash pads in the Treasure Valley! Bookmark it so you have it handy for those toasty summer days!

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