The holidays are right around the corner and it looks like this could be one of the more expensive holiday seasons for Idahoans in quite some time! 

Yesterday, we stumbled across an article revealing that the cost of Halloween candy is up 17% this year because the price of some core ingredients like sugar and flour has also risen significantly in 2022. The USDA says the Bird Flu outbreak in July lead to the average price per pound of 8-16 pound Thanksgiving turkeys soaring 73% this year. 

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The holidays are punching you in the wallet before you even get to Christmas shopping! As the cost of everything goes up, we know that the wages for many families did not so you might be a little more mindful about how you spend your dollars this year. 

Plus, you want to have enough set aside in an emergency fund in case you face a holiday disaster like the oven quitting on Christmas Day (we’ve had that happen, it’s not fun) or the furnace breaking down just before the family arrives for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Winning the lottery would certainly ease any concerts you have headed into the holiday season and if you hit a big jackpot, you may have enough left over to take a vacation somewhere sunny when temperatures in Boise plummet into the 20ºs. 

You deserve it, so why not try your luck with an Idaho Lottery scratch ticket? Obviously, you have to play to win but knowing just how many of the tickets for each game have already been sold can make your odds at winning a top prize even better.

Idaho Lottery
Facebook/Idaho Lottery

That information isn't a heavily guarded government secret. It's actually information that the Idaho Lottery has readily available and updates regularly on their website. We dug into the current games and found 13 different tickets with jackpots of $50,000 or more that haven't been found yet. To make our strategy guide, more than 40% of the tickets for each game had to have been sold.

Important note: This list is up to date as of October 21. If you're visiting it a week or more after it was published, the remaining tickets may not be accurate. Visit Idaho Lottery's website for the most up-to-date odds!


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