We recently asked you what types of prizes you'd like to win from our radio station this fall. Let's just say we're NOT stunned that cash was among the top answers. 

After all, this summer was expensive! Gas prices were over $5 a gallon for the majority of the summer travel season. Thanks to inflation, the estimated price of back-to-school shopping per child rose 8% to $661. The cost of everything went up, but in many cases, wages did not so families were a little more mindful of how they spent their dollars.

As fall approaches, we want you to have enough money left over to buy some new BSU gear and tickets to a game! Or maybe now that the kids are back in school, you've been thinking about burning a PTO day and treating yourself to a full-blown spa day complete with a massage, mani/pedi and facial. A new snowboard and a season pass to Bogus sure sound fun, too! Soon, we're going to have your chance to win cash up to $30,000 to blow however you'd like so make sure you download our app so that you don't miss any of the details.


In the meantime, we're helping you with ANOTHER get-rich-quick scheme - winning big with Idaho Lottery scratch tickets!  Obviously, you have to play to win but knowing just how many of the tickets for each game have already been sold can make your odds at winning a top prize even better.

That information isn't a heavily guarded government secret. It's actually information that the Idaho Lottery has readily available and updates regularly on their website. We dug into the current games and found 11 different tickets with jackpots of $50,000 or more that haven't been found yet. To make our strategy guide, more than 40% of the tickets for each game had to have been sold.

Facebook/Idaho Lottery
Facebook/Idaho Lottery

If you have to run to the gas station or grocery store after work today, bookmark this page! Having it handy when you walk past the scratch tickets may just help you find a little financial relief!

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Important note: This list is up to date as of August 30. If you're visiting it a week or more after it was published, the remaining tickets may not be accurate. Visit Idaho Lottery's website for the most up-to-date odds! 

11 Idaho Lottery Scratch Tickets With Huge Prize Jackpots Remaining

This list is up to date as of August 30, 2022!

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