This Saturday, the St. Puptrick's Day Celebration is happening at the Nampa Civic Center. Bring the family out for some impressive pups doing some some cool tricks!

This is such a cool event, ESPECIALLY for all the dog lovers we have here in the valley. It's St. Puptrick's Day at the Nampa Civic Center! A totally FREE event and you're welcome to bring the kids AND your pups! Maybe your dog isn't exactly a show dog, bring them out and show them a good time anyway. If your dog knows a trick or two and you think he or she should compete, you can sign them up and they could potentially win you a prize!

From their Facebook event invite:

Do you have a pet that does tricks? Enter them in our talent contest! We will have three tiers of talent to enter in – Tier 1 - those who can do things like sit, stay, shake and any other simple entry level tricks. Tier 2 – the dogs who can also perform tricks like crawl, act shy, give kisses and other medium level tricks. Then we have Tier 3 – the level to really show off your dog’s talent – the sky is the limit on what they can do, this tier is reserved for those who are capable of high-level tricks. The Top Dog in each tier will receive a prize. Sign up is at the Nampa Civic Center booth at the event before 1:00PM.

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Sounds like a blast to me... I've got my dogs some green outfits and they're ready to go for St. Puptrick's Day!

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