I'm lazy. Really lazy.  Lazy as in I'll order shampoo on Amazon to avoid having to drive to the mall area to buy it in person.

If you have Amazon Prime, chances are you've done something equally as silly but at the end of the day are really glad that your boxes are waiting on your porch when you get home from the office.  Of course, that's provided that a porch pirate doesn't loot your boxes.  Well, there's something new at the Boise Whole Foods store that can help cut down on the chances of your packages being stolen.

When I went to place an order the other day, I noticed that Amazon gave me the option of having my packaged delivered to one of my two saved addresses or "Amazon Locker." Amazon Locker just popped up at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago and it's pretty cool concept!

Here's the basic 411.  If you choose Amazon Locker for delivery when you're checking out on the website or Amazon App, you'll receive an e-mail containing a six digit code.  Your package will be delivered to the big set of yellow lockers just inside the doors at Whole Foods on Broadway.  Use that six digit code or scan the barcode and the locker will unlock so that you can take your packages home. If you're not able to make to the grocer the day that your package arrives, that's ok.  You have three days to grab it before it's sent back to Amazon.  If that happens, your account will be credited with a refund.

The lockers can be used to make returns too! If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with your order, just select Amazon Locker as the drop off location during the return process and you'll receive instructions as to which locker to put it in so that it can be picked up.

BTW, there's no additional fee to use the locker.  You'll only pay standard shipping or if you're a Amazon Prime Member, you can use your FREE two day shipping option.

I haven't tried locker yet, but if you have, I'm curious what your experience was like! Post up and let us know what you thought!

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