I didn't know how to make pumpkin fangs either, so I Googled and this video came up.  We'll be pumpkin-carving experts now.  But how long does a carved pumpkin last?

To get the mean part of the eyes, it's a matter of peeling the skin off at the edges, according to this video.  And we can use this technique for teeth too if the fangs are too much work. Just carve the teeth into the pumpkin, and then slide the knife under the skin of the pumpkin to uncover the lighter-colored insides and remove the skin.  The video shows us how to do it and it's been viewed 14 million times, so I suppose this guy knows what he's talking about.

We can even tip the pumpkin forward, and use the stem for a nose, instead of having the stem on top.

Cool!  But know this.  If you carve the pumpkin today, it will last until about the 17th and you'll have a rotting pumpkin on your doorstep with two weeks left before Halloween.  Carved pumpkins, on average, last about six or seven days, but if you tweak the process and soak them in bleach first, you might be able to get more life out of them.

My 4-year old daughter wants to get a pumpkin and make pumpkin pie out of it. And I reminded her that the neighborhood grocery store has plenty of awesome cans of pumpkin for that.  Let's carve!

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