When self-centered witch, Madison Montgomery and warlock, Chablis arrived outside a beautiful Victorian era home at the end of last night's episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse fans freaked out.  This meant the return to Murder House, the very first season of the show.

If you're a fan of the show, you're no doubt familiar with the old home that traps the souls of anyone who passes away under its roof or on its property.  The home on the show is located in Los Angeles, but did you know that Boise has it's own Murder House? It's not quite as sinister, but happened there was certainly just as twisted.

I think it was 2015 when I first heard the tales surrounding the gorgeous, yet rundown home at 805 W Linden in Southeast Boise.  There are so many rumors about the house that was built in 1910.  I've heard everything about a crazed serial killer who killed multiple people in the home, to it being a frat house for Boise State where brothers frequently saw blood running down the walls to stories of a woman dressed in clothes from the 1800s standing in the window.  Let's set the record straight about the home...it's never been a BSU Frat and there's no real documented proof of the female ghost.  But about that murder? There's a crap ton of truth to that story!

According to Channel 2, a man by the name of Preston Murr was at the two story home on June 30th, 1987.  Murr got in an argument with two men by the name of Daniel Rogers and Daron Cox after attending a funeral.  The argument is believed to have something to do with someone threatening Murr and guns stolen from Rogers. The fight escalated to the point where Murr was shot in the shoulder and ended up escaping the home long enough to bang on the doors of homes in the neighborhood looking for help. No one in the neighborhood answered their doors that evening, but one neighbor did call the police after finding a trail of blood on his doorstep and seeing Murr being dragged back into the home.

According to court documents, Murr was dragged back into the basement where Rogers fatally shot him in the head. Following his death, Rogers and Cox cut his body into 13 pieces, packaged each of them in plastic bags and threw them into the Brownlee Reservoir. Rogers and Cox were eventually found and arrested for the murder.  Rogers continues to serve a life sentence for first degree murder.  Cox served six years for his role as an accomplice in the murder.

Many people believe that Murr's soul will forever haunt the Murder House, while people who lived in the house don't necessarily believe that. You can see Deann Davis's account of living in the house with her two daughters in this Channel 2 story from 2012.

According to the Ada County Assessor's Office, the same man has owned the home since at least 2000. It's unclear if the man who owns the home is still renting it to people or not.  I haven't seen any movement or any people on the property (but then again, I don't stop long to take a good look at it because the house creeps me out big time.) It is not in as good as shape as it was in the video above.  There are multiple vehicles parked on the property, what appears to be trash piled in the second story window, broken windows and debris all over the front porch.

They're currently replacing curbs and doing a little road work at the intersection near the home.  With the improvements to the neighborhood, I've been watching to see if the property owner might take a little pride in the home and clean it (or at least the yard) up a little bit.  So far, no luck!

Have you been to the Boise Murder House before? Do you have any stories about it?

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