If you haven't heard of the Map the Meal Gap study from Feeding America, it follows the "food insecurity" across the country.  Good news, things are better for Idaho this year.  The study, which is catching up from data from 2014, dives into state and county results for food insecurity and family budget shortfalls inside homes that struggle to put food on the table.

The report showed that our food insecurity rate is 14.7 percent of total population (241,080 people).  This was an improvement from the prior year when we were at 15.6 percent (250,830).  The report also highlighted that 19.3 percent of children under 18 are impacted by hunger.

While there is good news and improvement, there are still more than 240,000 people who continue to struggle with food in our state.   The Idaho Foodbank and other agencies are fighting this battle, but it's important for us to keep in mind that the need still exists.

For more on this, Newschannel 7 has a story, HERE.