What makes a city great, anyway?  The new Urban Studies program at Boise State was approved in December and officially launches this fall, with the goal of helping get students ready to make cities tick.

Boise State says 80 percent of people in the United States live in urban areas, and with future growth in mind, the new Urban Studies program will give students a head start on planning and contributing to urban growth.  And not just in metro areas like New York and San Francisco, but in smaller cities too.

The university says students who are the best-prepared and have the widest understanding of urban development, will have the brightest careers down the road.  And the school says the degree will focus on helping students facilitate conversations between community leaders and the people who live there, identify opportunities for growth, and come up with strategies for change that benefit everyone.

Kinda makes a girl want to go back to school.  And doesn't it make you appreciate Boise's urban planners now, who have helped us make all those recent Top 10 and Top 50 lists for being awesome?  Boise is on to something, and the new degree from Boise State is more proof of that.

For admissions info, and the path to get started in the new Urban Studies degree, click HERE.  This is one of three new programs that Boise State is developing now.  The others are environmental studies and global studies.

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