As Boise State puts it, they're taking tuition from the level of a house payment down to the level of a monthly car payment. Cool! This new degree program might make graduation possible for a lot more people.

If you want to take courses online and save some money doing it, Boise State and CapEd Credit Union are rolling out a brand new program to help.  The degree program is open to more than 75,000 Idaho-based credit union members who can pay a monthly subscription rate to take Boise State classes online.  That should add up to big savings on tuition.

Boise State says CapEd members and employees can "customize the amount of time and money they spend on their education with two subscription tiers — they may take up to six credits per term for $425 per month, or up to nine credits per term for $550 per month."

The Passport to Education program was approved by Idaho State Board of Education in June and might open up college degree possibilities to a lot more people.  An advisor helps you through the process, so you can come up with a plan to knock out your goals and get that degree in one of several different academic areas.

It sounds like Boise State has plans to keep expanding the program to include more community partners down the road, so the "car payment" tuition options could keep coming.

No matter how you frame up getting that degree, you've got about six weeks before you have to settle into the routine.  Classes start at Boise State on August 20th!

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