There are days when your mind is so tired from all of the angry comments and misinformation you read on social media that you seriously consider deactivating your profile once and for all. Then you see a completely ridiculous post like this one and get sucked back in.

We're not even sure when we joined the "All Things 208" group on Facebook, but it's a neat little place where people sell, buy, barter and occasionally share a "good news" story or two. Most of the posts are folks looking to sell off things they just don't have a use for anymore, but the post that caught our attention this morning came from a Nampa man in search of something unusual.

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He posted a photo of 50 rolls of pennies with a post that read:

"ISO Pennies. Im looking to get 1000 dollars in rolled pennies. Maybe your looking to finally get rid of them? I find myself in need them for something and no banks are letting me order that much due to the shortage."

Naturally, group members were curious as to what the man making the post wanted the pennies for and started asking what he was making. We almost spit out our coffee when we read his reply:

"A payment to the court."

He claims the court fee is tied to him getting lost in the forest near Valley County. He's not trying to swindle anyone out of money and has offered to pay folks the value of the pennies they give him in paper bills. He apparently has already rounded up $550 and has promised to film the payment when it takes place.

While some of the 126 comments on the post are negative, there are a handful of people who have offered jugs, growlers or buckets of pennies that have accumulated in their homes to be part this plan to "stick it to the man."

Personally, we can't wait to see the video. We also want to commend the man who commented "Damn. I just pent all my pennies on dollars. ☹️" for the funniest comment on the thread.

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