I'm almost afraid to tell you about this because I know there are some superstar moms and dads who stood in line with their kids at Boise Towne Square for 6-9 hours for Build-A-Bear's first "Pay Your Age Day." 

When we talked to those parents, grandparents and siblings who stuck it out just to the see the little ones smile as they put together their new friend, we heard a wide range of how the day went.  Hayley and her boys got to the mall around 7:15, long before the chaos started.  Build-A-Bear opened an hour early and after a short wait, they walked out with a Jurassic World T-Rex and Groot. Sheena's friends showed up at 8:45 and got told that the line was closed.  They were sent away with a $15 voucher. Others compared the crowd to Black Friday at Walmart.

That's why I'm afraid to say what I'm going to say next. You guys know this "Pay Your Age" deal is available throughout the year right? ::ducks for avoid being punched::

To redeem the "Pay Your Age Day" offer, you needed to be a member of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club.  Well, now that you're signed up for that rewards club another wave of offers opens to you.  One of those is the "Count Your Candles" offer.  During your child's birthday month, you can bring them in any day to build a Birthday Treat Bear for the cost of how old they're turning. That means if your child's birthday is turning 5 on August 4, you can take them in any day in August to build the Birthday Treat Bear for just $5! That bear normally costs $14 to build.

The drawback? You have to make the Birthday Treat Bear, but he's super cute! Plus, the kids can dress him in whatever they like (at an additional cost for accessories) to make him fit their personality!

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