We're not going to lie.  We still have a little Christmas tree set up in the LITE-FM studio and our Summer Santa just dumped a ton of gifts underneath it!

As Boise and the Treasure Valley's Official Christmas Music Station, its no surprise that Santa's got LITE-FM on his "nice list" all year long.  If you make us the soundtrack to your workday, you've earned a spot that list too! So what did Santa drop off for us to share with all the good (not so little) boys and girls? HUNDREDS OF BOISE MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS!  There's no better way to kick off the summer, right?

Michelle in the Morning and our Summer Santa want to make sure you get them, but we need to know where to drop them off.  Fill out the form below and tell us where you're working!

Once you get yourself in to win, keep your fingers crossed because Michelle and the Summer Santa may just drop by with enough Boise Music Tickets for you and a stack to share with your co-workers!

Plus, at the end of each week we'll pick one of the people who nominated their office to upgrade their BMF experience with unlimited carnival wristbands for the family!

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