I did a "thing" yesterday.  A really big "thing!"

I've been engaged since February and everyone's favorite question to ask me is "so how's the wedding planning going?" Normally I just give them an awkward smile, nod and say "yes." The truth is my fiance and I haven't had a ton of time to plan the wedding since that beautiful weekend at Winter Carnival in McCall.  With me changing jobs and him being out of town for a month this summer, it's been insane for us but things are starting to shape up.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

We've got a reception venue.  We're scheduled for our engagement photos with one of the best photographers in the Treasure Valley about a month from now. My friend who makes ridiculously delicious/creative cake pops is working on a concept for our "cake."  As long as it's not too much trouble for our caterer, we've got a concept for our menu.  Oh...and I've had the DJ picked longer than the groom. So what's next?

Wedding dress shopping! It's something my mom really wanted to do with me, so I waited to do my second search until she was able to visit from Ohio.  I had looked briefly at one nationally known bridal shop back in April when my Maid of Honor was back in town for her Easter Break.  I don't know if it was because it was two days after the Race to Robie Creek, the fact that I was really sunburned or that there were a bunch of high school kids looking for prom dresses at the same time as my appointment so my consultant turned over the task of helping me getting in/out of dresses to my bridesmaids...but I just really wasn't feeling it.

That's why this second go around, I took some advice from one of my co-worker's wives.  She got her dress at LaNeige Bridal & Tuxedo in Downtown Boise and raved about her experience with the boutique.  After my appointment there, I understand why!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Upon our arrival, Maggie gave my mom, friend Kimberly and I a tour of the shop.  She told us a little bit about each of the designers they carried, about the pros/cons of a dress made up of separates and explained why or why not a dress was available in a certain color before leading us to a whole section of the store we had to ourselves during the appointment. She offered us some champagne and water before turning us lose to pick out between 5-6 gowns I was interested in.

I don't have a super extensive Pinterest page of dresses created, so I was really willing to try on anything to see what it looked like.  My tastes gravitated toward A-Line and Fit and Flair dresses.  Each of them either had some really pretty applique or beading on them. All six of the gowns were gorgeous, but through asking me questions about what I did or didn't like about each dress, Maggie really helped me find my specific "taste" in dresses. We ruled out Fit and Flair after I didn't absolutely love the way a few of them fit.  We also started to eliminated the dresses that had a V a little deeper than I liked.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

Maggie grabbed a couple more that she thought I'd like and the last one she brought out was absolutely gorgeous! It made my top two. It was closer to my budget, but after going back to the other dress that I really loved three times, I said goodbye to it...and YES, to my dream "Essence of Australia" gown.  You won't see THE DRESS in the photo gallery below because my fiance is super nosy...but you'll see the second place dress in it!

Maggie and her team at LaNeige were amazing! She made the process so much fun! If you are a bride to be and you've got a budget of over $1,000 for your dress (those are the brides they cater to the most, but they do have some off the rack, as is dresses discounted to prices under that on the top floor of the shop) definitely add LaNeige to your dress search!

Behind the Scenes Shopping Photos

BONUS Fun Fact: Although I didn't chose one of her dresses, LaNeige has the only in house designer in the state of Idaho at their shop.  If you have a specific vision for your gown, she'll work with you and include you in every step of it's creation!