The decorations are down, the leftovers are frozen, the gifts are unwrapped and the honeymoon is over.  Our big day was a total blur, but luckily our friends and family did an amazing job capturing just how special it was!

Being back in the office, it's funny how many times people have dropped by my desk and asked "so how was it?" I've laughed and told them very honestly, it moved so fast that I barely remember any of our ceremony.  The gals' side of the wedding party got a late start leaving our hotel, making our guests hostage at the Julia Davis Rose Garden.  At that point my anxiety (and heart rate) was through the roof from how rushed we were, so I think I sort of blacked out until after the ceremony and family photos were over! I give my husband credit, he saw that coming and hired a videographer to film the ceremony, so I know I'll get to see it a few weeks from now.

I will say, the whole day was filled with some very special moments that made our wedding and reception, very "us."  Those of you who've followed our story know that Nate and I met because of football and likewise started dating because of football a few years later, so getting the chance to take our wedding photos on The Blue was very special.  My friend Kimberly, who's a wizard with cake-pops, surprised us with a special "grooms cake" of cake-pops that looked like our cat Dakota.

Once it was happening, I found out why it was so important to Nate that we do the "traditional" bouquet and garter toss.  What I didn't know was that while my friends were bringing the chair for me to sit in out to the dance floor, they had hid a duffel bag of things from our apartment underneath the seat cover! I was shocked when the first thing that hubby pulled out wasn't my garter, but a Cleveland Browns helmet (the craptastic football team that brought us together many years ago) followed by an oversized stuffed Yoshi, first prize he won me at the Western Idaho Fair, mascot from another one of my favorite college football teams.

And I've always joked that I've had my wedding DJ picked longer than my husband (which was entirely true.) Our DJ and Best Man worked together for nearly a decade in Downtown Boise and together were able to create a really special moment for our big send off to the "Grease Megamix." That's one of the last photos in the gallery.

I wish I could invited you all to the big day, but alas there's capacity limits and I like keeping the fire marshal happy! But here's some of the day that I wanted to share with you! Most of the photos are from our friends Vanessa, Aubree, Michael, Kimberly and Jillian.

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