I was sitting at work a few months ago when my fiance texted me.

Nate: Guess what you and Ronda Rousey have in common?

Me: We're both white women? It's definitely not strength or coordination!

Nate: The Diamond Girls!

Almost instantly, I started googling Ronda's name. Turns out she had just recieved something very sparkly! While showing her new ring off to TMZ cameras, the former UFC Champion announced that she was marrying fellow fighter, Travis Browne.They tied the knot in Hawaii a few days ago. From the pictures the couple shared on Instagram it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony!

So how does a wedding a long plane ride away connect to the Treasure Valley? It was all about the engagement ring! Photos of the giant cushion cut diamond went viral across the internet after their engagement news broke in April.

Shortly after that, The Diamond Girls from Boise Diamond posted a gallery of photos of Ronda and Travis, the ring on Ronda's hand and the ring before it left the downtown Boise store! That's right, Ronda's ring was designed right here in the Treasure Valley! The Diamond Girls went on to say not only were they proud to make a beautiful ring for someone they admired as a strong woman, but Travis was one of the nicest clients to work ever work with the store!

We couldn't be happier for Natalie and Lisa to score Travis as a client! He's a little more high profile than my fiance, but I absolutely love my ring from Boise Diamond.  Never in my life did I think that I'd have something in common with a UFC fighter, but it is pretty cool to say my engagement ring came from the very same place as Ronda's!

Check out Ronda's ring below!

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