I'd like to think that I don't ask you guys for much.  Can you help me track down a photo from my wedding day?

More than anything else, I want to be the friend on the radio that makes sure you have a fun playlist for your workday and tickets to everything that you want to do in the Treasure Valley.  Roaring Springs? The Fair? Darci Lynne? I'm here for you...but there comes a time in everyone's life where they need a little help and that's why I'm about to ask a huge favor.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Our wedding day, August 4, was a long day for our bridal party and it's my fault.  Two years ago when my little sister got married, she did some of her wedding photos in a gorgeous art museum half way across the country.  I fell in love with the photos and just had to have something similar to those, so I started racking my brain for where the prettiest building in the Treasure Valley was at. After a few minutes it struck me! The Idaho State Capitol! After photos on the Blue that's where we headed for the next round of shots...which were mostly of me and my new hubby, so the bridal party was bored out of their skulls while they waited on us.

During the shoot our photographer had a beautiful vision of laying me down on the compass/star tile in the center of the capitol floor and shooting from the floor above.  After she got me and my 100 pounds of dress situated, I looked up to notice that in addition to Marcela, there was a pretty big group of tourists that had gathered around the railing and were snapping their own photos of the random bride laying on the floor.

I'd LOVE to find those people and those photos, but I can't find a single trace of them.  I've searched Instagram locations and hashtags for hours with no luck. (I even went through all the Goathead Fest photos since the beer festival was happening right outside.) I'm hoping that someone in your networks might be able to help us track down that special moment from our big day. The photo is similar to the one that one of our bridesmaids took, but would've been taken from above!

If you can find them and shoot me a copy/link to the photos HERE, there could be some Roaring Springs or Western Idaho Fair tickets in your future!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media