We've all heard those crazy stories from bachelor and bachelorette parties that have the potential to absolutely destroy a couple's upcoming wedding. I never thought that would be me. 

Especially because I'd taken charge of mostly planning my own bachelorette party.  I've always been extremely uncomfortable around all those "party favors" they make for ladies celebrating their last hoo-rah as an unmarried woman.  I didn't want those there.  I didn't want any extra male entertainment either.  This has been one of the busiest summers ever at the station and we've ran into enough hiccups in the wedding planning process so all I wanted to do was get away and relax for a few days.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

So I booked us an Air BnB in McCall, one of my bridesmaids shelled out $200 for that giant flamingo that seats 6+ adults and my rather chill group of girlfriends and I headed north.  The plans were simple, bonfire Friday night, long run (because I'm a dummy who's trying to train for a marathon and plan a wedding at the same time) on Saturday morning, lounging on the flamingo Saturday afternoon, dinner and dancing on Saturday night.  Nothing could go wrong, right?

WRONG. Very wrong! After filling up on Loaded Lardo's Fries for dinner, we headed down to the Yacht Club where I was one of seven brides-to-be celebrating her "last weekend of freedom." At some point, a very nice gentlemen taps me on the shoulder, says he knows I'm getting married and wasn't trying to be creepy or hit on me.  He wanted to know if I knew how to swing dance.  Well, years ago after Nate and I started dating, he left to go home to Ohio for a month and insisted I go check out a free swing dancing class his friends were teaching while he was gone so I wasn't sitting at home bored. So yes, I do know how to swing dance.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

After dancing with this guy for half a song, he decides we're going to do a backflip. I've had some beverages at this point, so in my head...nothing can go wrong here and I hold on tight as I'm instructed.  Well, just as I'm almost all the way around, my face is bouncing off the floor. It happened so quick that I was in shock and kind of just laid there for a second. I eventually reached for my nose and prayed that when I pulled my hand away from it, that it wasn't bleeding. Thankfully, it wasn't. It seems like my lip took the most of the beating from the floor.  When I got up and dusted myself off, I looked at my girlfriends and said "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

That's when they pointed to the guy, visibly in pain, still trying to get up from the floor with his buddies' help.  I guess that at some point in his life, he'd torn his ACL and his knee buckles from time to time.  That's what happened while I was in the air, so as he came crashing down, so did I. I felt so bad about it (even though this was totally NOT my idea in the first place) and even worse when I watched his friends carry him out of the bar about 30 minutes later.

By the time we got back to the Air BnB, my nose was pretty swollen and pretty red.  My lip was pretty puffy as well.  I can still feel where my teeth smashed into it this morning, but the swelling has gone down.  I think I'll look normal again in time for the wedding photos two weeks from now.

Moral of the story? Never say never.