Counting calories. Meal planning. Hitting the gym.  Is it all worth it for the big day?

As I'm writing this, I'm 140 days away from my wedding. I can confidently say that anyone who says "planning a wedding is fun" is completely deranged and needs to be examined. With how busy we are as a couple, there's just too many moving parts to this whole shindig and it's completely overwhelming.  If all of those suggested planning checklists on Pinterest are legitimate, then I'm about four months behind in planning already.

People on treadmills in gym

Speaking of Pinterest, when you're searching for wedding ideas you're bound to come across hundreds of "Sweating for the Wedding" workouts or cute t-shirts. Most brides-to-be embark on some kind of new fitness journey leading up to their big day.  Usually it's a combination of an actual workout routine and clean eating menu.  The idea of doing box jumps, push ups and eating plain boneless, skinless chicken breasts for six month absolutely horrifies me.  The idea of anything that involves weights and reps makes me cringe. So if the "Sweating for the Wedding" or "Slimming Down for the Gown" workout involves becoming a gym rat, put me down for "nope!" I'm not going to put myself through something I don't enjoy. There is no ideal look or weight that I'm shooting for.

I'm just going to keep staying active in ways that I find fun.  It's no secret that I'm a runner, but I don't run to stay in shape or lose weight.  I run to keep my mind clear and relax. Studies show that regular exercise helps reduce stress by pumping up your endorphins whether you're planning a wedding or not.

Indoor Cycling

Another way that I'm staying active, having fun and keeping sane while wedding planning? I started doing indoor cycling at least once a week at Cyclebar in Meridian.  I initially went back to the studio because I thought I may have broken my foot again and needed to do some non-impact cardio if there was any chance of me running my marathon in April.  Turns out my foot is fine, but I decided to make Cyclebar part of my routine because I genuinely do enjoy the music during the workout and how inspiring their Cyclestar instructors are during the ride.

The fact that a "Classic" class at Cyclebar does work in an little upper body with a weight bar during one song is an added bonus.  I'm technically toning up my arms and back for my strapless wedding gown without feeling like it's a chore.  I'm not the best rider in the class, but I have a blast every time I go.

If you're a bride-to-be and want to give Cyclebar a try to see if it's your ideal way to be "sweating for the wedding" or relax you during your planning, they're hosting a FREE Bride Ride Saturday at 2 p.m.  Brides-to-be can bring a friend for free as well! Stick around for a post-ride mimosa and maybe do a little wedding planning with Rain Salon and Beach N Bleach, who'll be hanging out at the studio as well!

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