If your home backs up to the 18th hole on one of the nicest golf courses in the Treasure Valley you might as well have the opportunity to practice your swing year round, right?

My dad's an architect. Growing up, we got to see and hear about a lot of the properties he designed or had a hand in designing. Most of the properties he worked on were warehouse properties. I remember standing in a room meant to ripen bananas for a grocery store similar to Albertsons where I grew up. We also loved when he had to visit the site for a pie production facility he worked on because he always came home with free pie.

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He also helped design a new home for the president of his company. At a young age, I thought it was the fanciest home in the world. It had heated floors, a cool underground tunnel that took you out to a garage where he stored his classic car and a backyard skating pond. It certainly seemed fancy...

...but, no offense Dad, this dream home in Meridian puts that house to shame! Built in near Spurwing Golf Course 2016, it was featured as part of the Parade of Homes the same year. The10,772 square foot six bedroom, six and a half bath home is currently on the market for nearly $4 MILLION! 

From the its own golf simulator to the backyard theater to the swim spa, it's hard to pick a favorite feature! Take a look around!

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