There's some exciting news if you're a big fan of the original "Jason Bourne," or just a big fan of Matt Damon.  He's coming back to the Treasure Valley in mid-July. 

Damon will be visiting to host a couple premiere screenings of the new Bourne film, marking both his return to the film franchise and the Treasure Valley.  The hosted screenings (along with the film's producer) will serve as a fundraiser for the YMCA's capital campaign for the new location it's building in South Meridian.

This will be the third time Damon has done this type of event having been here in 2002 for "The Bourne Identity" and 2007 for "The Bourne Ultimatum."

Screenings will be held at the Village at Meridian on July 20th.  Tickets are expected to go on sale later this month.

We will keep you in the loop and are working to secure opportunities to give away as well.


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