When was the last time you slathered a large popcorn in extra butter and slurped down a bucket-sized soda while watching a movie? If it’s been too long, this is a great reason to take the entire family to the theater! 

Normally when one of the biggest players in a certain industry comes to town and purchases something once owned locally or regionally, people freak out. They’re worried that Goliath is going to ruin something they once loved. Cinemark might be the fifth largest theater chain in America, but when it purchased Meridian’s “Majestic Cinemas” from Washington-based Hallet Cinemas in 2019, it did the exact opposite. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Cinemark rolled into town and made some positive improvements to the theater, including installing reclining seats. They weren’t the first theater in town to have them, but they were fancier than the ones at the Reel Luxe theaters in Caldwell and Eagle. These ones were heated! 

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We’re big fans of the fancy seats and the fact that they kept the self-serve butter stations around. As people who like to watch our pennies, we also REALLY love that they introduced their “Summer Movie Clubhouse” program to Meridian. 

The program offers families the opportunity to see a family-friendly movie for just $1.50 (plus taxes/fees) every Wednesday for eight weeks, beginning June 21. Each screening is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and during those showings, moviegoers also get treated to $1 off kid’s snack packs and any size popcorn/drink combos. 

The Majestic is the only Cinemark-branded theater in the state. 

So what’s playing this summer? Take a look!

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