It's so easy to forget what is important in life and this story will make you remember what it's all about.

Kevin Steven was attending the BSU football game on Saturday night against Portland State and noticed something pretty cool and shared it online.

While at the game he noticed an elderly man who was struggling to walk, and being helped by his two grandsons. It took the three men nearly 20 minutes to maneuver to their seats and get comfortable.

Kevin's friend is a nurse and tried to help make the man as comfortable as possible. As they all worked together the conversations continued and everyone found how how truly special this outing was.

The elderly mans name is Jack and he is dying of colon cancer. His two grandsons both live in Nashville and they flew from Tennessee to Montana to pick up their grandfather so he could see his Broncos play.

Let that sink in.

Maybe it hits me a little harder as I lost my dad last year, and was able to go to a Garth Brooks concert with him just months before he passed away. But this story is a great reminder of what life is all about. Spending time with loved ones.


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