The quickest way to your co-workers hearts is through their stomachs, right? Then instantly become everyone's favorite co-worker with LITE-FM's Doughnut Dash!

Can we just say how much we've missed dropping by your office to say hello during the COVID-19 pandemic? The majority of you trying to earn the prestigious title of LITE-FM's "Employee of the Day" tell us that you've been allowed to return to your office, so we're ready to load up the LITE-FM van and welcome you back with FREE doughnuts from our friends at Pastry Perfection!

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Simply use the form below to tell us where you're listening to LITE-FM on the job and if there's anything special we need to know about dropping them off. Would you like a contactless delivery and for us to text you after we've dropped them off? Tell us! Do we need to wear a mask if we're visiting your office? Tell us! We're happy to do whatever it takes to make you feel safe while getting a box of sweet treats.

Important: If you filled out this form BEFORE March 14, you'll need to fill it out again. We're starting from scratch here! Doughnut deliveries will be made on Thursdays after 10 a.m.

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