It's likely that Frozen II will go on to be Disney's sixth billion dollar movie this year. With so much excitement over the movie's opening weekend, we couldn't help but go crash a couple of the screenings with some very special friends! 

2019's been kind to the House of Mouse. Five of their blockbusters (Avengers: Endgame, Lion King, Captain Marvel, Aladdin and Toy Story 4) have crossed the billion dollar mark this year. Frozen II is expected to join those films throughout it's theatrical run.

It was definitely the most popular movie in Caldwell this weekend and we surprised fans with a visit from the Ice Sisters as they were leaving their screenings on Saturday night! Here's some of the snapshots we captured!

By the way, if you're bummed your little ones missed the Ice Sisters this weekend make plans to check out the Canyon County Kids Expo on Saturday, January 25. Our friends from Capes and Crowns will join us again for a whole day of fun!

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