It has been a few weeks since we lost our friend Larry Gebert. His celebration of life was something that I can't describe. KTVB has provided a link to the service for anyone who would like to see it. You can view the service here. There has been a lot written about Larry's legacy. We all know that there will never be another Larry.

Larry Gebert Remembered

A look at the life and career of KTVB's Larry Gebert

What made Larry great?

As former KTVB General Manager Doug Armstrong told us, 'Larry had the unique ability to combine the needs of the corporation and the needs of the community.' Most folks would be surprised that Larry's community service was not a job requirement. He reached out to folks in addition to his daily duties at KTVB.


Larry's day would begin at? Does anyone know how early he woke up? Regardless of the time he worked at the station, he'd work with various groups to schedule interviews, and more often than not, he would drive out to meet them and produce the segment. Larry would then go home to his family with the energy of someone who worked far fewer hours. He never missed a beat.

We all can aspire to be the next Larry and carry his mantle. It will take everyone working extra hours away from our families and committed to public service. It will take everyone working extra hours away from our families and committed to public service. Many folks work extra hours and volunteer to help others; not many do it with the smile and charisma of Larry Gebert. It will take, in my opinion, thousands of kindhearted individuals to attempt to fill his void.

Making A Difference

Can anyone calculate how much of an impact 'Where's Larry' made in Idaho and beyond?  Folks pay top dollar to be on television.  Most nonprofits can't afford a commercial never mind a live shot.  However, Larry and KTVB provided those nonprofits the ability to reach others, to make a change, and to inspire.  Larry's legacy is a large one, we can all honor his legacy by starting our own small journey of compassion, sacrifice, and sharing a sense of humor.

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