As I'm sitting at my kitchen table typing this, I'm listening to it pour outside our window. Is this precipitation a sign of things to come as we head into the winter months?

It very well could be!  The Climate Prediction Center announced Thursday that the phenomena known as La Nina is back.  La Nina is when sea surface temps in parts of the Pacific drop below averaged can affect weather conditions around the globe.  It's got something to do with jet streams,  but I'm not Larry Gebert, so I won't try to explain how how it works, because quite frankly I don't understand.

What we do know is that when La Nina is around, the Pacific Northwest tends to be colder and much snowier than normal. According to KTVB, last year was a La Nina year and partially to blame for Snowpocalypse.

Unfortunately, this is just another confirmation of what The Farmer's Almanac already predicted for the this winter in the Treasure Valley! According to their long range forecast, Boise can expect a colder than average November, December and January with December being at least 5º colder than normal.  We’re also supposed to get hit with above average snowfall again with most of it hitting in early-mid December so it’ll probably be Boise’s second white Christmas in a row! Mid-January, Mid-February and early March are supposed to be pretty snowy as well.

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to start trying to find the best deal on snow shovels and ice melt on Amazon Prime when it sells out in the Treasure Valley again this year. It's great news for the mountains...but I'd prefer it stay there!

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