107.9 LITE-FM isn't just your home for the best variety of the 80s, 90s and today, we're also the station giving you an extra bonus while you're on the job! 

I'll be honest.  Thursday morning, I was nervous that when I pulled into the parking lot, I'd be the only car in the parking lot because I did something I've never done before.  Kim, who's one of the sweetest LITE-FM sales women you'll ever meet, lives a double life as the station "bookie." She was walking around the office yesterday asking if people wanted to be in the office pool for the $448 million Powerball drawing. I didn't have cash on me and she wasn't accepting payment via Venmo or an IOU, so for the first time in almost 9 years, I didn't play the office lottery pool. I was convinced because I was out, this would be the time we hit and I'd be the only one not "calling in rich."

Well, ha! Joke's on my co-workers! NO ONE won the Powerball on Wednesday night which means that Saturday's drawing is up to $495 million. It's the 8th largest Powerball jackpot of all time, which means it's time for me to open my "Millionaire's Club!"

Here's How it Works

This time around, there's two ways to win one of the four coveted spots in Michelle's Millionaire's Club. One way? Make sure you're listening Friday morning around 8:10! When we give the cue to call, caller 7 will instantly get added to the membership list!

The second way? Download the new 107.9 LITE-FM app HERE and make sure you have the alerts turned on.  While you're on the job this Thursday and Friday, we'll send out the day's Lucky Lottery song. When you hear it, be caller #7 to gain your membership in the club!

At the end of the workday on Friday afternoon, I'll go to the luckiest Idaho Lottery location in the entire state of Idaho and buy five tickets for the Powerball drawing on Saturday night. If the numbers hit any prize money (including the jackpot) we'll evenly split the money between me and the four LITE-FM listeners in the club.

I'll scan the tickets and post them here at liteonline.com so you can play along.

There were no winners in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing, so Saturday's jackpot is $495 million, with a cash payout of just over $300 million.  If we hit in the Powerball, each of us would take home approximately $60 million.

Sound like a great deal to you? Then click HERE, download the app and get ready to fight through the phone lines to get into Michelle's Millionaire's Club!

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