This year's Boise Music Festival features a diverse lineup that covers hip-hop, country, folk, dance, and someone called "Jelly Roll." Jelly Roll may not be a household name, but he is selling out concert venues nationwide. He started as a rapper but has found success by combining elements of hip-hop, rock, and country to create a unique sound.

This week, his album, "Whitsitt Chapel," debuted at number two on the Billboard Country chart and number one on the Billboard Rock and Alternative chart. He recently made airplay history at both the Country and Rock radio formats, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can't get enough!  Last month, Hulu debuted "Jelly Roll: Save Me," an hour-long documentary about him that is a must-watch for any music fan.

The documentary, produced by ABC News, is an in-depth look at a reluctant music star that is learning just how much of an influence he has already made on his fans' lives. At the same time, he continues to deal with his own mental health and addiction issues. In and out of jail and relationships, his lyrics are relatable and honest, written by someone who has hit rock bottom and is fighting his way back. This behind-the-scenes look at his life introduces you to the artist, his wife, his family, and his bandmates.

YouTube/Taste Of Country
YouTube/Taste Of Country

Fans often tell him that his music saved their life and that there were times when they believed suicide was the only answer to their struggles. His concerts are not just for entertainment but also healing. Seeing Jelly Roll live is something that you will remember forever. The documentary will make you laugh, cry, and want to be at Expo Idaho on Saturday to see him perform in person.

Three Shocking Quotes From Jelly Roll's "Save Me" Documentary

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jelly Roll

The Jelly Roll: Save Me documentary on Hulu tells Jelly Roll's complicated life story and spares no details. He's shockingly honest about addiction, prison, his childhood and his insecurities. Here are 10 key takeaways from the project.

11 Songs that Foreshadowed Jelly Roll's Country Music Career

Jelly Roll has taken the country music world by storm over the past year, and he will release his first full-length country album, Whitsitt Chapel, on June 2. Before he jumps right into the deepend of the genre, let's take a walk down memory lane. There are 11 songs that seemed to foreshadow his country music career.

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