Welcome to the new era of Boise State football, as the team will finish the season with an interim coach. A coach will not leave the group by choice for the first time in many years. The Broncos have had an incredible run of successful coaches. Houston Nutt Arkansas, Dan Hawkins Colorado, Chris Petersen Washington, and Bryan Harsin Auburn. Former Head Football Andy Avalos will collect the last two years of his current contract without working. 

Boise State Was Right to Fire Andy Avalos

The headline from The Athletic says it all: Boise State fires football coach Andy Avalos: Why it shouldn't come as a surprise.  Author Chris Vannini detailed the alarming rate of descent of the program under Avalos.

'Boise State has simply not won at the level its fans are used to. Avalos never won the Mountain West, and this year’s team is in danger of the program’s first losing season since 1997. Boise State has just five losing seasons since 1947, back when it was a junior college.'

Boise State doesn't have the deep donor base of other programs. If the team isn't winning, then the money dries up.

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Local Media Scooped Again

Boise State again chose to leak the Avalos firing to the national media. It's always frustrating that the local media carries the water for the local team, yet the team chooses the national press. Pete Thamel is a brilliant reporter, but he doesn't know the difference between Kuna and Meridian.

Why Boise State Fired Avalos

Several speculative reports will be confirmed, denied, or expanded upon. Online reports say Avalos lost the team, and when Eric McAlister left, he blamed the NIL and some mysterious group. If you're winning, it solves almost every problem. Another rumor was that the players were looking to leave because of the treatment of the quarterbacks.

The bottom line was that the team was not getting any better.


Boise State Is Now a National Story

The Boise State job is one of the best jobs in the country. Unlike most Group of Five jobs, BSU gets national attention and has a well-established national reputation. Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey will now have a significant amount of time to find the right person for Boise State's players, staff, donors, and fans.

Boise State's Bungled Hiring

Three years ago, the Broncos were in turmoil. They had a new president and had just hired a new athletic director. Mr. Avalos was hired a week after Mr. Dickey took the job. The hiring was rushed and was the wrong move. The new search will allow a long and lengthy timetable to find the right person for the program. Or perhaps, the team has already targeted the newest coach.

We'll continue to update the story as it develops.

Passionate and Loud Reactions to Andy Avalos' Firing

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