Does the Treasure Valley really need another dog park? Apparently, because the City of Nampa is planning another one.

Nampa Parks & Recreation announced their plans to build a new dog park just off of Smith Ave, between Middleton and Midway (see photos below), and that’s proven to be a pretty controversial topic, which we were not expecting at all. Read here for more on the unexpected controversy.

We’ve covered this announcement before; however, the park didn’t have a name or an estimated opening date. As of right now, the park planned for Nampa still does not have a name — it’s currently being referred to as, “Nampa Dog Park 2.”

But they do have estimated opening dates and more details about what the park will have. Well, opening dates might be a stretch... more like “time of year,” which isn’t very specific... but it’s something.

Here is an image of the Nampa Parks & Recreation proposed master plan for the new dog park...

Nampa Parks & Recreation
Nampa Parks & Recreation

-Asphalt Parking Lot with 51 Spaces

-Restrooms — 2 Stall Precast Concrete

-12’ Square Shelter with Benches

-2 Post Shelter with Bench

-Play Area — Concrete Play/Structural Feature with Misting Station

-Agility Area — Boulders and Logs on Pea Gravel

-Concrete Paths — 6’ Wide with Fenced Area

Trash Receptacle

-Dog Hydrant with Bowl

-Concrete Seat/Retaining Wall

-5’ Tall Chain-link Fence

-4’ Wide Pedestrian Gate

-Slide Gate — Width Varies

Keep scrolling for photos and more about that dog park controversy in Boise etc.👇

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