Wranglers. Cherokees. Renegades. Jeeps are sweet and you’ll see them everywhere you go in Idaho. Sometimes, you’ll see them with little rubber ducks sitting on the window, on a bumper or in a door handle. What does it mean?

Apparently, the rubber ducks are part of a nationwide game called #DuckDuckJeep. The goal of the game is simple! Spread positivity, smiles and kindness to Jeep owners. It’s easy to play along. Just grab some rubber ducks, tag them and leave them on a Jeep that you see in public.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

You can either tie the tag around the duck’s neck or write the message directly on the rubber duck. The message should let the owner know that you think their Jeep is sweet and explains to them how to play along. The act of leaving the duck behind is known as “Ducking a Jeep.”

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Once you duck the Jeep, you can stick around and wait to watch the owner’s reaction or take off with the hope that they’ll share a photo of your duck on social media with the game’s hashtags: #DuckDuckJeep and #DuckingJeeps.

Over the last few years, Ducking Jeeps has gotten so popular that there are entire Facebook groups dedicated to the feel good game! The Duck, Duck, Jeep (OR, WA, ID) group has almost 5,000 members in it. It’s a private group, but members are encouraged to use the hashtag #PNWDuckDuckJeep when sharing their photos on social media. You can also find a bunch Idaho #DuckDuckJeep photos by searching the hashtag #IdahoJeepGirls.

What makes the game even more fun is the fact that people don’t just buy traditional yellow rubber ducks. They find some really creative ones! Here’s a look at some of the fun ducks we found on social media!

Sahara seems to get ducked A LOT! She found this shark suit wearing duck on her ride at a Starbucks in Nampa.

She ended up with this cupcake duck while at kid's Optimist Football practice.

Julie found a green one that looks like it quacked right out of Minecraft.

Carenen said she got ducked twice in one weekend! This one showed up on her ride while she was at Hobby Lobby.

She also got this cool unicorn duck!

Michelle's sweet Jeep earned her this cool camo duck!

How fun is this game?! We love that the whole aim is to make people feel good. Are you a Treasure Valley Jeep owner who's been ducked? We'd love to see your photos! You can use our app to send them our way.

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