Woman Fined and Got Jail Time in Yellowstone
Madeline was charged with a week in jail and over $2,000 in fines after walking off-trail and onto thermal ground at Yellowstone National Park. Not only could this have destroyed her, it destroys the landscape and the parks preserve that cannot be fixed.
Easy Way To Leave Your Mark on Boise
I think that all of us want to be remembered. This doesn't make us unique. Wanting to be recognized and leaving a legacy is why rulers of nations conquered other nations in world history. It's the reason that pharaohs built pyramids in Egypt...
How Dangerous Are Boise's Geese?
Have you ever been walking the Boise Greenbelt or been at a park with some sort of water feature and encountered an angry goose? The sound that they make and the speed at which a goose will charge is frightening! I grew up watching old movies like "The Birds" and more recent films like "Jurassic Park...
Boise State Alum Gets Big Bucks to Study Wildlife
Without us pesky humans around, animals might have a lot more peaceful existence.  One Boise State alum is studying our impacts, and just got a grant for more than half a million dollars to research the effects of noise and light on wildlife.
Should Parks Prohibit Smoking
Should smoking and vaping be banned in parks around the Treasure Valley?  One small Idaho city has decided that should be the case and other areas may follow suit.