Tis the season for family reunions! As the weather gets better and as we get deeper into the Summer, the desire for a memorable family reunion grows. But what's the best place in Idaho for a family reunion?

There's a recent article from Taste of Home that ranks the best family reunion spots in each state, and we're going to reveal to you what Idaho's best family reunion destination is and share what makes it such an amazing option for families from all over the country...

What's the best family reunion spot in Idaho?

Google Maps | Mike Walker | Sun Valley Resort
Google Maps | Mike Walker | Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley

According to Taste of Home, "There's a plethora of four-season activities at Sun Valley Resort—go skiing in the winter, ride bikes in the summer or enjoy the resort's heated pools and indoor bowling alley."

So, not only is the Sun Valley Resort a great family destination for the Summer, but for all year round!

Specifically, Sun Valley Resort offers a wide range of activities great for all ages and interests. Literally, you name it! There's everything from hiking and horseback riding to golfing and spa treatments etc. Truly, something to please everyone in the family.

Also, let's talk about the budget. There's a stereotype about Sun Valley being for very wealthy people, but they claim to have loads of options for families of any size and any budget. Private homes, spacious suites, and cozy vacation rentals, they strive to provide budget-friendly options that ensure families get to stay together.

Keep scrolling for the best hotels and places to eat in Sun Valley and pictures of an incredible $9 million private mountain home in that area and more! 👇

Hotels In Sun Valley

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Incredible $9 Million Private Mountain Home in Ketchum

Idaho's Sun Valley Starship Home is One of the World's Most Unique and Breathtaking

This is not only one of the most incredible homes in Idaho, this Sun Valley home has been hailed as one of the most unique and breathtaking in the world. With it's incredible design, attention to detail and full blown livable cement bunker like home, photos of this masterpiece are worth checking out.

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