If you live somewhere with uncovered parking, how much extra time do you figure into your morning routine to scrape your windshield? 

Not all of us are lucky enough to live somewhere with a garage big enough for all the vehicles that the family needs to get to and from work, school or childcare. And not all of us are lucky enough to have an autostart that we can click from our key chains or activate from our phones. If your car is uncovered overnight, you’ve got to factor in at least an extra five minutes to scrape that windshield.

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Mornings are already chaotic enough and it’s just one more thing that you dread doing, but absolutely have to do. If you oversleep or are running late, you’ll try just about anything you can to cut corners and save time defrosting your windshield. And that’s why you might be tempted to use this viral TikTok hack to breeze through the process instead of waiting for your defroster to do its thing. 

Fill a sandwich bag with hot water, glide it over your windshield and viola…the frost is gone and stays gone if you have your car running and the defroster running! Genius, right?! 

Brilliant if and only if you’re 1,000% sure there are no small cracks or chips in your windshield. A rapid temperature drop on a brand-new, pristine windshield made from laminated safety glass won’t cause it to crack. But if water vapor or droplets on the outside of the bag creep into a small crack, freeze and expand? You could end up with a crack that’s a bigger inconvenience than scraping your windshield. 

If you REALLY don’t have time to scrape or use your defroster, there are tons of lifehack videos on YouTube that show you how to make a quick deicer from rubbing alcohol and water. That formula’s also recommended by Safelite.

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