Cats and dogs make for great house pets, but maybe you're thinking about getting something a little more exotic.

Photo by Vincent Dörig on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Dörig on Unsplash

We get it. We wouldn't call a box turtle exotic, but growing up our parents were adamantly opposed to getting us a kitten when we were kids. After we proved we were responsible enough for a pet by keeping our Giga Pet alive for 224 days, they agreed to let us get a box turtle. (Ironically, the Giga Pet "malfunctioned" and died while the parents were babysitting it while we were in the shower.)

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Thinking more exotic than that? Well, you may want to pump the breaks. There is a pretty decent list of animals that are banned in captivity in Boise. You can find the full list of them here or scroll down to check out some highlights that may shatter your dreams.

There are, of course, exceptions or bonafide educational or medical institutions/museums that are licensed or permitted by the City of Boise, Idaho Department of Agriculture, U.S. Fish and Wildfire Service or U.S. Department of Agriculture.

15 Pets You CANNOT Own in the City of Boise

The City Code for Boise prohibits ordinary residents from owning these animals as pets.

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