Ten Names For Your Dog That Are So Idaho
Finding the perfect name for your new pup can be a challenge because you want something cool that will match the dog's greatness, and at the same time, the name needs good consonants for emphasis when the dog gets in trouble. How about Rex? And give Idaho some love at the same time.
Boise Beware, This Puppy Scam is Real
We thought we were getting a new puppy, but instead, we were scammed out of $750 and the puppy didn't exist. Oh, how do these people live with themselves?! After falling victim to a gut-wrenching puppy scam, and I'll share every step in the process so the same thing doesn't happen to …
Pets Are Better Off Because of the Pandemic
With more time at home in the past year, we've showered our pets with love and attention and it may have been the best year ever for them. There are plenty of great dogs up for adoption at Treasure Valley shelters this year too.

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