Pets Are Better Off Because of the Pandemic
With more time at home in the past year, we've showered our pets with love and attention and it may have been the best year ever for them. There are plenty of great dogs up for adoption at Treasure Valley shelters this year too.
Idaho’s Ultimate Dog Lover Airbnb is a Must Stay
I am a massive dog lover, but clearly not the biggest dog lover in the state of Idaho. Nope that award goes to Frances and Dennis who have constructed this home that perfectly resembles a Beagle dog. You can stay in this one of a kind pup palace.
Boise's Best Vets According to Yelp
My friend has an adorable French Bulldog named Vinny. They haven't lived in Boise for very long, and so when Vinny's eye turned red and started to keep one eye closed, he didn't know where to take him. He and I didn't realize that the Treasure Valley is blessed to have many good …
Halloween Costumes Every Boise Dog Owner Should Consider
We are two weeks away from many people's favorite holiday, Halloween. Spooky season is everyone's chance to be someone else. That means becoming the person you want to be or showing your co-workers the person you are behind closed doors! This article has nothing to do with your Halloween c…
Idaho Humane Society Hosting FREE Cat Adoption Event
2020's been craze balls. Our cat has provided so many needed smiles and moments of levity just by being himself. We couldn't imagine going through this year without him around and I promise that if you adopt a cute kitty into your home, it will raise your spirits too!

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