I never had a treehouse growing up, when I grew up in Southern California I grew up in a motel and there wasn't exactly room for a treehouse. We continue to see the popularity of tree house Airbnbs grow and have even seen them featured on several different shows.

If you go to Airbnb.com you can specifically search just for Treehouses on their website, which I think is a genius idea.

If you're a kid at heart then a treehouse is something you want to stay in right? If you have kids a treehouse is such an amazing experience for the kiddos.

While looking just to see what was around the area, I found a treehouse that holds up to 6 guests and has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  It's a legit full bathroom inside of the treehouse.

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That bathroom is nicer than the bathroom at the townhouse I'm renting in Southeast Boise, and this treehouse is in the middle of nowhere.

This treehouse is 500 square feet and is called "The Klickitat Treehouse" and it's amazing. According to the host, it's " supported by three Douglas Fir Trees. It sits twenty feet above the ground at its highest point, providing sweeping views of Mount Adams. Enjoy all the Columbia River Gorge has to offer and sleep in the canopy of the forest."

Plus, the kitchen has everything you need from a full oven and stovetop to a pie pan, French press, chef's knives, and everything in between.

Are you ready to see the pictures? Let's take a look!

The Klickitat Treehouse

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