Parents rejoice! Warmer temperatures are here and it finally feels like one of the best times to explore the parks of Boise. Now, before we get blasted - yes, adults, you can hang out at the parks too.

However, what we're focusing on today is mostly for the kids. Sure, you could visit a playground or a park as an adult but we'll let you explore that idea on your own time.

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Now that that's out of the way - let's talk about why we're here... what happens if you visit every Boise park?

Boise's Ultimate Side Quest

In a recent conversation we had with Boise Parks & Rec (shout out to Doug Holloway!), we learned something fascinating - something that most parents might not be aware of:

The City of Boise will reward you for visiting every park in Boise.

If you're like some people who homeschool their children, this is a major breakthrough. Boise Parks and Rec even has a nifty worksheet for you to download on their website that allows you to check off each park.

The coolest part about all of this is that the worksheet features custom cartoon artwork for every single park. Each cartoon has a signature feature from every park on there.

For example: Esther Simplot Park's cartoon features those "unusual" colored poles while Bowler Park's cartoon features those fun double slides.

Take a look!

City of Boise
City of Boise

As you visit the parks, you check off each one and when it's full, you turn it into Boise Parks & Rec headquarters to redeem your prize.

What's the prize?

According to the conversation we had with Doug Holloway, once you turn in the completed worksheet, you'll receive a nifty Boise Parks & Rec water bottle!

Doug told us that we would have to turn in a completed worksheet to get a glimpse at one so if you'll excuse us... we have some parks to explore!

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