If you’re being honest with yourself, what’s your worst habit? Biting your nails? Swearing? Worrying about things that are totally out of your control? While those things may not be good for you in the long run, they won’t cost you any money. But if your bad habit is more closely related to one of these “vice items” in Idaho, you’ll be shelling out some extra money to take them home. 

Are you familiar with Idaho’s gas tax? It was briefly in the spotlight last summer when Democrat state lawmakers asked Governor Little to call the legislature back into special session so they could consider suspending the 32-cent per gallon excise tax on gasoline. 

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According to the IRS, an excise tax is a type of tax that is imposed on certain goods, services or activities. In Idaho, that tax is already included in the price that you see on the gas station’s sign so you may not be aware that it exists. According to Wisevoter, Idaho’s gas tax is higher than the national average (29 cents) and is the 34th highest in the nation. 

Idaho Taxes Bad Habits Too

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Gasoline isn’t the only product in Idaho with an excise tax on it. The state also places an excise tax, beyond the regular six percent sales tax we’re used to paying, on certain “bad habit” items like beer and cigarettes. Because these items are nonessential and are considered vices in many circles, the tax is sometimes called a “sin tax.” The generate what looks like a fairly large sum of money. 

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That said, Idaho’s “sin taxes” are quite a bit lower than other places in the country that tax the same items. Here’s a look at what taxes are like in the Gem State and how some of them compare outside of Idaho.

You’ll notice that liquor is absent from the list. That’s because liquor sales are already controlled by the state and already make money for the state. Vaping products don’t have an excise tax in Idaho, either.

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