Contagious Dog Flu Hits Treasure Valley
The flu has been bad this season, but sometimes we forget that it can hit our pets. Contagious dog flu has been confirmed in the Treasure Valley. Here's what you need to know to keep your four legged friend safe and well.
Do Not Let the Dog Eat These Things on Super Bowl Sunday
I've got a terminally ill dog, and he's getting a whole lot of treats right now that he's never experienced before. Like Cool Whip!  Why not. Prime rib is not out of the question for this pup on his last legs.
But we've got to be smart at the football party on Sunday.  D…
A Heart Warming Moment
Graycie found herself at Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia. She was found abandoned and wandering miles from home. Being shook up, wondering why her humans had tossed her out, she wasn't doing real well, until Dr. Andy Mathis, went into her cage and had breakfast with her...
Dog Or Cat
Our son, Kody took this picture of the storm Thursday, 9/17/2015.
I started looking at it and saw a dog, then Kody looked at it and said it's a cat.  He explained his and I explained mine and you can pretty well see both.
What do you see, is it a dog or a cat...

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